About us at Affordable Floors we are servicing Brisbane in Floor Sanding, Polished Timber Floors, Coating Timber Decks & Sanding Timber Decks using non toxic sustainable products.

Many years of research have created the Unique Systems at Affordable Floor Sanding Company™.

Our Customers love the “Dust FREE, Odour FREE, hassle FREE” Service that we provide.

our simple honest approach to customers has seen the company flourish and is reflected in all who work in the company or as we put it…

“We simply do what we say we will do !”

Easy to say, but it’s unfortunately quite rare to find a floor sanding company that does that – which is one reason why Affordable Floor Sanding Company™ is so successful.

Giving customers a simple, hassle-free option to have beautiful timber floor.

It is sad to say but nevertheless true, that there are many substandard, low quality operators in the floor sanding business. Typically people offering floor sanding as a sideline, hiring equipment not particularly suitable to the task and giving no guarantee on the quality of work.

“We have built Affordable Floor Sanding Company™ to take away all of the problems from a customer’s point of view” says Paul. “That’s why we  specialise in Floor Sanding and nothing else and why we use the latest equipment sourced from around the world”

“Most of our work, comes from satisfied customers telling their friends and family about us – recommendations are the best way to Advertise?”

Do you want your Wooden Floor to look beautiful?

Then let us tell you about our Unique process of the Affordable Floor Sanding Company™. We leaves no dust, or smell – just Superior Quality workmanship, beautiful looking Timber floors that you will be proud of. Just like those photos in the glossy magazines…

“…. Imagine your tired and scratched wooden floor restored and looking like a show home again. The Affordable Floor Sanding Company™ can turn this dream into reality – quickly and simply…”

By using the most modern equipment, in the hands of specially trained staff, dedicated to the Affordable Floor Sanding Process, we work quickly and efficiently causing minimal disruption to your home.

Just for once, wouldn’t you like it to be simple to deal with contractors in your home?

We understand the frustrations of dealing with other less reputable companies that unfortunately are so widespread in this industry. (We have all had bad experiences, haven’t we?)

How many times have you:

Phoned a contractor, to not have your message answered?
Or have left a message only not to hear back from them?
Or even, agreed to meet at your home, only for them to not turn up?
Again we are different, VERY different, the Affordable Floor Sanding Company™ is a highly professional organisation, which focuses on giving our customers complete peace of mind – everytime!

“…Having had recent occasion to request your services for sanding the ground floor area of my home, it must be said that I found your service to be completely professional from start to finish. From the initial consultation to the absolutely perfect finished product.”
Dee Tidyman, Brisbane

For that reason we give ALL our customers the following Unique 5 Point Ultimate Guarantee:

Quite Simply, we will:

Treat you courteously and professionally
Turn up when we say we will
Finish on time
Not create or leave any mess (dust free systems used)
Return free of charge to correct any imperfections
…And leave you with a beautiful looking floor!

“Why do we give this “Unique 5 Point Ultimate Guarantee?”

Well, we are a very professional business that always provides great service and value. Hence we have total belief that our uniformed staff will always meet the standards in our guarantee and are therefore happy to give our customers complete peace of mind when selecting us.

You see; a very large part of our business comes from happy customers recommending The Affordable Floor Sanding Company™ to friends and family, a fact we are proud of. A fact, that clearly shows why we focus on providing a quality “Affordable Satisfaction” service every time.

When it comes to your home, don’t take any risks, talk to the Specialists…

We only Sand Floors and refinish them. Our staff are specialists in the field, not “jack of all trades”. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we have developed the skills and expert knowledge to give Superior Quality results every time.

All our staff go through extensive in-house training (the best in the industry) and work under supervision, which maintains our enviable reputation. Of course as a reputable and reliable company we are fully insured and our staff are also trained on all aspects of Health & Safety.

…So Why Do We Call Ourselves The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company™ ?

Simple Really. We believe that we provide the best quality Specialist Residential Floor Sanding and Refinishing service in Ireland. The Affordable Floor Sanding Service!

…But don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at what some of our customers say about us on our testimonials page.

To arrange a FREE no obligation visit to quote or to just discuss your requirements on the phone, call our office now on 0731234036 or Contact Us and we will arrange for the Manager of our office to call you back within 48 hours.