Sanding Timber Decks Brisbane to Oiling Decks and Recoating Old Timber Decks

Sanding timber decks Brisbane, oiling decks and Recoating Timber Decks by Affordable Floors specialise in sanding of timber decks, verandahs, Deck and verandah Maintenance by recoating, Sanding and oiling of Timber Decks or verandahs, repairing and cleaning using non toxic sustainable products by servicing all over North Brisbane, East Brisbane, South Brisbane, West of Brisbane & all over southeast QLD.

“Quality craftsmanship doesn’t cost – it pays”

After testing many different products we believe that the Affordable Floors decking oil system we currently use, provides a long lasting tough, durable and lustrous finish that protects the wood longer than ordinary finishes.
This is because it has been developed to withstand the severe weather extremes of the tropics, meaning that it can handle our climate with ease.

The base coat deep into the wood’s pores, to deliver superior adhesion and ensure maximum life and peel resistance, while the finish gives an attractive satin appearance.
It resists moisture penetration and decay, containing an effective fungicide to resist mildew and provides exceptional UV protection against the suns harmful rays, thereby retarding the aging (silvering) process of timber.

Affordable Floors Brisbane Floor Sanding, Sanding Timber Decks, Oiling Decks and Recoating Timber Decks
Affordable Floors Brisbane Sanding Timber Decks, Oiling Decks and Recoating Timber Decks

Why choose timber decking?

Good timber decking looks stylish, blends well with the environment and suits traditional as well as contemporary architecture. It is a quality product that will last a lifetime and is therefore excellent value for money. It is easy to look after, can be painted or stained to choice or left to weather naturally.
The Decking Oil Revolution!!!!!

Australia’s First High Performance WATER BASED Decking Oil with Unique Hrdroguard

Using a high performance oil modified resin stabilised in water, Affordable Floors decking oil a unique protective coating that both penetrates into timber and forms a protective barrier on top of the timber.


Affordable Floors decking oil significantly outperforms conventional decking oils in durability and resistance to UV damage, providing longer protection for decking and exterior timbers.


Being water based, Affordable Floors decking oil has extremely low odour, easy water wash up and is naturally much gentler on the environment. This technology also delivers fast dry times, allowing two coats to be applied in one day.


Like all decking oils, Affordable Floors decking oil weather naturally over time without risk of cracking, peeling or blistering so recoating is a simple task.

Your Deck will Age

Since the deck lives outdoors, it’s going to age and change appearance (graying) because of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV). The general effect here is the breakdown of the wooden surface fibers and coating.

Any traffic on the deck surface will exacerbate this process. But although it’s a fact that the deck will age, refinishing is easy. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to change the look, in that you can change the stain colour.

How often will you need to refinish your deck? This depends on several factors; there are no hard and fast rules. It depends on such things as the quality of the existing finish, the severity of the weather, the amount of traffic it gets, and whether you have a cat that insists on using it for a scratching surface. (Yes, there’s a cure for this, but we won’t go into it here.)

Preparing the Deck Surface for Interim Cleaning

There are two methods of preparing the deck surface depending on whether your goal is cleaning or refinishing. For a small deck, you might want to use a mixture of warm water and laundry detergent with a stiff brush on a broom stick.>/p>

To keep the soapy mixture from leeching in, keep it rinsed off with a garden hose fitted with a high pressure sprayer. This is a good approach for an interim cleaning where a full refinish is not yet needed.

Don’t forget to get down on your knees and knock out all the decaying leaves and other crud that has lodged between the deck boards. Otherwise, this is a breeding ground for rot, mildew, etc.

Preparing for an In-Depth Deck Refinishing

For a in-depth refinish, use a power washer that delivers about 1,200 PSI of blasting power. The idea is not to tattoo the deck surface; start out easy and bump the power up until you’re effective yet not damaging.

Safety disclaimer — Always use goggles and rubber work boots.

Yes, the Weather Forecast Matters

Before getting started on this project, check the weather forecast. You don’t want to see any rain in the next few days because that’s how long you’ll need to let it dry prior to applying the new finish. (Some manufacturers allow applying finish to a damp deck; I don’t like the idea.)

As you blast the surface, do a section at a time, working with the grain. Overlap the sections to get even cleaning.

The power washer treatment should have gotten rid of all or most of the surface discoloration. If some is still apparent, use an acid-based deck restoration product or deck bleach and carefully follow the directions.

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